ROCK HARD ALL NIGHT! That's our motto. Big Richard is a variety party band based out of Houston,TX. Our song list includes something for everyone. Whether it be rap, rock, country, funk, we've gotcha covered.  You want high energy, dance, and a twist of humor? Thats us! We've built this band out of some of the finest musicians H-town has to offer. Last year alone we were able to crank out more that 250 shows. We were actually able to take our show overseas to Africa and Middle East where we perform for the amazing men and women of the US military.  Back on here on the mainland we cover the south east corner of the States from Tulsa,Ok down to Key West, FL.  Don't worry about production either. We come fully equipped with lights, stage, and sound suitable for any situation. Now that's a big package ;) Big Richard Rock Hard since 2009! (Might be time to see the doctor) 

Rev. Clarence. He's the guy next door you don't want your wife to meet.


Dr. Kurt Skellington. We don't know much about his origins or exactly what kind of doctor he really is, but one things for sure, he can make the women melt with his "melodious" voice!


Dirty Uncle George. Yes he takes showers. Why is he dirty? We don't know its just a name he decided he likes.


Jer the Kid. This kid has the voice of Tina Turner. Maybe thats a bad comparison, but seriously the kids good!


The Wood Chuck. If you look around the drum set, its as if a beaver was hard at work building a dam.